Asset Wealth Protection

Your future.
Our priority.

Your future. Our priority.

Our tailored estate planning solution takes into account your current finances and addresses the concerns of today and tomorrow.


Client-oriented company

Run by family,
for families/ protecting families since 2011

We’re a client-oriented company that has been helping individuals and families protect their assets since 2011.

Being a family-operated business ourselves, we understand that your family’s assets are the cornerstone of their security and future generations’ opportunities, so we take our work very seriously and ensure that they are well-equipped when the ‘unthinkable’ happens.

Our mission is to help you create a legacy that will last beyond your lifetime.

Asset protection

Asset Protection goes way beyond finances. It’s all about protecting your family’s assets and wealth for future generations.


A will is a legal document that describes how you want your assets and wealth to be distributed after your death.

Power of attorney

Our Power of Attorney service exists to ensure that you never lose control over your assets.


If you’ve ever lost a loved one or friend, you know the loss comes with a lot of paperwork to be completed.

Preserving your wealth

Although the future is uncertain, we will work in partnership with you to ensure your wealth transcends multiple generations.

Protecting your family’s future

We’re here to help you give your family a life without limits.

Benefits of Asset Wealth Protection

We’ll help you

For too many people, their estate planning is a last-minute scramble and not something they think about until it’s too late. But the truth is: your wealth and its future, is something that needs attention NOW. The sooner you start protecting it, the more time you give yourself and your family to enjoy it.

  • Protect your Family Home

  • Protect your Family

  • Protect your children

  • Protect your yourself

  • Protect your parents

  • Protect your pension

  • Deferring CGT on property disposal


We generate results for our customers

Professional and Efficient

“John took the time to explain everything to us clearly, answering all questions fully and ensuring we were happy. Everything was so thorough and efficient, he made the whole process so easy. He is a gentleman and a professional, so easy to get on with.”

Mark Buxton

This is what we needed – a caring and knowledgeable expert

“Thank you John – you are a genuine expert. We found you to be kind and patient… driven by the right motivations!”

Mr M Allen

Comfortable and informative experience

“We are very happy with the service we have had, especially as it meant all the paperwork and advice was completed in our own home. We were given very thorough information and had any questions answered there and then. All done in a timely manner.”

Anita Fitter

If you’re looking for expert advice…

“If you’re looking for expert advice look no further than John Kane, I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Chris Laing