Asset protection

Asset protection

Asset Protection goes way beyond finances.

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What is the best way to protect your assets?
The answer: estate planning.

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You don’t need to wait – You can protect assets and wealth during your lifetime.

It’s all about protecting your family’s assets and wealth for future generations. Our team of highly-qualified professionals will listen to your concerns and questions, then create a bespoke plan based on your unique situation and your family’s circumstances.

We understand how important it is for you to feel confident about the plans you’ve made for your family, so we’ll take the time to answer all of your questions thoroughly and ensure our service is tailored to suit your needs.


your assets

It’s no secret that most of us will retire, enter a care facility and later pass on at some point in time. And as simple as it may sound, this transition can be quite expensive. But even if your family has the resources to foot the end-of-life bills and still maintain their lifestyle, there are still plenty of ways to get burned when it comes to estate planning.

The key is in knowing that you and your family are protected from all angles. That’s where we come in. We offer a comprehensive approach that covers all your bases—from wills and powers of attorney to insurance and retirement planning—so you can rest easy knowing that not only will your loved ones be taken care of if needed but also that they’ll get everything they’re entitled to under the law.

We’ve all heard the stories: an elderly parent loses their home to care fees, or a family member is left destitute because they didn’t have the foresight to plan ahead. We believe that no one should have to go through this kind of experience.

That is why we’ve built Asset Wealth: to give you peace of mind by helping you protect your family, your home, and your assets.

We know that life happens, and we want to be there for you during those times when you need us most. As mentioned earlier, our estate planning services cover everything from wills and trusts to powers of attorney and healthcare directives—all designed to help ensure that when your loved ones need money or access to their finances in order to make ends meet, they’ll have what they need.

During life

It’s more than just the cost of care

Should you need residential care you will automatically “means tested” and all of your capital assets, including your home, are taken into account. Currently, in England and Wales only those who have assets below the £14,250 threshold will be entitled to the maximum possible public funding.

Many people feel it is unfair that they may be forced to sell their home or encash investments or use savings to pay for care costs.

It’s not just care funding that can put our savings and home at risk, for example a failed business venture or an acrimonious divorce can be very costly.

It is possible to structure your estate to protect your assets and wealth during your lifetime – get in touch to learn how.

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Should you or a family member require Long Term Care we can provide help and advice in relation to a number of issues that could arise. Where a financial assessment is required, we can assist with this and ensure that the correct approach is adopted by the Council or Local Authority and that all the necessary processes are followed. For example, has a Continuing Healthcare Assessment and a Needs Assessment been conducted?

When it comes to moving into a home, we can provide advice on the appropriateness of the contract for the placement, and we can continue to liaise with a Local Authority or Council on your behalf if issues arise on the outcome of a financial assessment

After death

How can profession advice help?2023-02-28T15:30:17+00:00

It is likely you wish for your beneficiaries to enjoy their inheritance, after all, this is the reason why you made a will leaving your assets to them.

With the strategic use of Trusts, Asset Wealth Protection can ensure that your children and grandchildren are able to benefit from the inheritance you want them to receive with the maximum possible protection from divorce, remarriage, taxation and creditors.

With our professional help, we can help you to set up the correct type of planning to solve all these problems. Our expertise will ensure that your assets are both fully protected and immediately available to your loved ones after you are gone.

How can i protect my assets for my beneficiaries?2023-02-28T15:29:42+00:00

Protecting your wealth and ensuring it remains protected for future generations is our specialism. We use existing legislation to ensure your assets and your wealth are protected throughout several generations.

Structuring the ownership of your assets differently gives your beneficiaries complete control of inherited assets and stops any unintended recipients accessing them.

What happens if i leave my estate to my beneficiaries directly?2023-02-28T15:29:09+00:00

When assets are distributed to beneficiaries “absolutely”, i.e. they receive cash, property or other assets directly, these assets are considered to be part of the beneficiary’s estate and are at risk from any future divorce settlements, creditors and taxation.

For example, if your son or daughter get divorced after receiving their inheritance it is likely that their spouse will receive half of what you left your child in their divorce settlement; this may not be what you originally intended.

If you leave your assets to your spouse and they require residential care, there is a risk that your wealth will be used to pay for their care fees, reducing the amount your beneficiaries could receive.

Benefits with Asset Wealth Protection

For too many people, their estate planning is a last-minute scramble and not something they think about until it’s too late. But the truth is: your wealth and its future, is something that needs attention NOW. The sooner you start protecting it, the more time you give yourself and your family to enjoy it.

  • Protect your Family Home

  • Protect your Family

  • Protect your children

  • Protect your yourself

  • Protect your parents

  • Protect your pension

  • Deferring CGT on property disposal

Our services

Other services we offer


A will is a legal document that describes how you want your assets and wealth to be distributed after your death.

Power of attorney

Our Power of Attorney service exists to ensure that you never lose control over your assets.


If you’ve ever lost a loved one or friend, you know the loss comes with a lot of paperwork to be completed.

Preserving your wealth

Although the future is uncertain, we will work in partnership with you to ensure your wealth transcends multiple generations.

Protecting your family’s future

We’re here to help you give your family a life without limits.

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