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Power of attorney

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Lasting power of attorney – more important that making a will?

Our Power of Attorney service exists to ensure that you never lose control over your assets, if you were ever incapacitated, for example, due to injury or illness.

We’ll help you create an effective power of attorney document that will give your chosen proxy complete authority over your financial and legal matters. Notwithstanding, it is important that your power of attorney is written with strict guidelines so that your chosen proxy carries out their duties exactly how you want them to.


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Why do i need a lasting power of attorney?

There may come a time in your life when you are unable to manage your financial affairs or personal welfare, owing to some form of incapacity and you will need someone to act on your behalf.

Powers of Attorney allow your chosen family member or friend to manage your financial affairs and welfare should this happen.

It may be perceived that a lasting power of attorney is something you need as you get older. The reality is nobody knows what the future holds, accidents and illness can happen at any age. It can be invaluable having a reliable person, who is able to manage your personal affairs and make decisions about your healthcare.

Creating an Attorney in advance ensures that if the worst were to happen, you can rest assured that both your financial affairs and personal welfare are in safe hands.

What happens if i don’t have a lasting power of attorney?

If you have already lost the ability to manage your own financial affairs and make your own healthcare decisions you will not be able to appoint an attorney.

In this scenario, the state becomes legally responsible for your care until a deputy is appointed by the Court of Protection. This typically takes 6-9 months to obtain and you cannot choose with certainty who your deputy is.

During this period, your family and friends have no legal rights to be included in healthcare decisions, including treatment that you receive and where you live.

It is also routine for banks and building societies to freeze both your single and joint accounts until a deputy is appointed, making it extremely difficult for anyone to manage your financial affairs.

How can profession advice help?2023-03-01T10:37:53+00:00

It is important that you choose your attorney very carefully. You should choose people you can trust to act in your best interests, giving consideration to how they manage their own affairs.

You can appoint a friend, relative, or a professional as your Attorney which allows them to act on your behalf.

We specialise in helping you select a suitable attorney and also how and when they are able to act for you. Once registered, you are can rest assured that your attorney will manage your affairs according to your wishes.

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Asset Wealth Protection

For too many people, their estate planning is a last-minute scramble and not something they think about until it’s too late. But the truth is: your wealth and its future, is something that needs attention NOW. The sooner you start protecting it, the more time you give yourself and your family to enjoy it.

  • Protect your Family Home

  • Protect your Family

  • Protect your children

  • Protect your yourself

  • Protect your parents

  • Protect your pension

  • Deferring CGT on property disposal

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