We all know what it’s like to be at the mercy of the unknown. What if there was a way to protect your family’s future—a way to ensure that, even if you and your spouse become incapacitated, you could still make decisions for each other?

That’s exactly what Asset Wealth Protection did for Tom & Linda.

They had just watched a documentary about Kate Garraway, who was unable to access the money she needed to put the family home in order as her husband was returning from the hospital. However, since he had been in a coma during the Covid pandemic, he could not agree to the release of the funds. It was heartbreaking, but it made them realize how important it was for them to have protection for their finances in case something like that ever happened.

Luckily, they knew just who to call: Asset Wealth Protection. We took the time to explain why there had been difficulties for Kate and what steps they could take to stop this from happening to them.

We explained that without the correct documentation, Tom and Linda would have no legal power over their affairs or healthcare decisions if something happened in the future which would mean that Tom & Linda’s family would not be able to manage their financial affairs or make any decisions regarding their healthcare.

We made them aware that this could be resolved by registering Lasting Power of Attorney documents that would give each other and their children the legal power manage their affairs and make healthcare decisions for them if they are no longer able to do this for themselves.

Asset Wealth Protection helped Tom & Linda implement their plans from start to finish and now they have registered Lasting Power of Attorney documents giving them—and their family—the legal power to make decisions for them in the future!

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